Many entrepreneurs don’t have an effective plan to start and grow their business that supports their dreams. Uplift Your Brand helps you craft a winning business that focuses on your strengths, so you can build your ideal brand and be unstoppable.


Many business owners get disappointed from wasting money into ineffective marketing. You deserve tools and strategies that are proven to hook your customer, sell more and grow your business. At Uplift Your Copy we help you create and execute an effective copy that attracts and converts so, you can save time and enjoy impacting lives.


Many business owners struggle with distractions that stop you from achieving your goals. Uplift Your Focus is an online course to help you focus your energy, build momentum, and get things done so you can grow your business and enjoy your life again.

When Business Meets Psychology

I strive to help professionals succeed in business and reach their full potential in life


is a challenging Journey!

But Imagine waking up each day knowing that what you do makes a difference in the world.

My mission is to help you find fulfillment in what you do every day so you can grow your business, keep inspiring others and help knowledge-based entrepreneurs turn their knowledge into profit and legacy.



Got a great business idea but don't know where to start? I'll guide you through the early stages of your business with comprehensive mentoring that covers market research, financial planning and branding development. I'll help you select the best business model that aligns with your vision and goals, and set you up for success."


Scaling up your business can be a complex process, but we're here to help you navigate it. We'll work collaboratively to create a customized plan that covers market expansion research, financial forecasting, team building strategies, leadership development, creating operating systems, and guidance on the best tools to scale up your company.


Building a strong brand and effective marketing strategy is essential for the success of any business. I can provide guidance in brand identity development, social media management, content creation, and strategies to help you stand out in the market and effectively market your business to increase visibility and reach your target audience.

At the heart of my business coaching approach is a genuine desire to help you find your “WHY”. With a background in psychology & entrepreneurship, I'm here to guide you towards creating a business that not only makes an impact but brings you joy and fulfillment.

My Story

My passion to inspire others was ignited as a teenager, when I was first introduced to self-development events. Sitting amongst a theatre of strangers, I felt a strong connection to the speaker on stage. I felt a burning desire being ignited and bursting inside me; I needed to inspire people with the same energy.

My books, certificates, and diplomas filled an entire library, but ironically I remained unfulfilled. I had also developed a brilliant career as a geologist, which I loved, but I found difficulty in bridging the two lands of knowledge.

Reluctantly, I set aside anything related to self-development. Although I felt sliced in half, I focused on my secure career and tried to ignore the emptiness I felt inside of me. Six months later I was nominated to attend a course on project management; whilst on the course, all the pieces of the puzzle came together.

I discovered the values that drove my successes. These values became my engine; I was compelled to learn more about how values impacted human motivation and behaviour, so I went on an exploration, starting with myself.

I became a Toastmaster, a certified motivational coach, and a professional member of two leading associations: National Speakers Association (NSA) and Global Speakers Federation (GSF). All the knowledge came together, but something still was blocking me from sharing my words and ideas. Fear; it held me back and got in my way. I've learned it's natural to feel fearful, but the problem was I let my fears prevent me from even trying....

19th April 2013. My relaxing peaceful vacation was beginning; a morning flight from Cairo, gliding amongst the clouds, the plane suddenly flew through a storm and lightning struck the plane. The plane shook violently, bags fell out of the overhead compartments, chaos ensued. I was overwhelmed by one thought: "Did my life matter? Did I fulfil my mission?" And the answer was a deafening no! That moment I regretted all the time I spent without adding value to myself and others.

We landed, and in a way, I landed too. After discovering the source of my fears, I felt powerful and determined to overcome my fears by the power of my purpose, the power of my legacy!

I learned a lesson: not only do we need to know our personal combination of values, strengths, passions, and purpose, but most importantly, we need the correct mindset to manage our emotions and direct them to fulfil our potential. Our mindset shapes whether we believe we can change and grow or not!

I helped over 1000 passionate business owners startup their brands so they can build the career and life they deserve. I worked with a variety of companies, ranging from Fortune 100 companies like Royal Dutch Shell and Toyota, to hundreds of small companies across the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

I am an entrepreneur and father of two. I work part-time while running my two international companies. I also invest in many tech. companies. I love spending time with my family, and I am always looking for new opportunities to help others thrive.


Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Rice University, Houston
Founder and Investor of Four International Companies
Diploma in Positive Psychology
Business Mentor at Score USA
StoryBrand Certified Guide
Professional Mentor at National Speakers Association
Member of International Association of Positive Psychology
Master NLP Practitioner
Master Strengths Profile Coach

Featured and spoken at

My Projects/Companies

My Projects/


Structured programs and services to turn your knowledge into income and legacy.


Productivity and Inspiring tools for busy professionals, so you can keep inspiring and transforming lives.


Collaborating with HumanHQ to enhance connection, empathy, and sense of meaning for individuals and organizations.

Spotlight: Celebrating some of the Successful and Visionary Entrepreneurs Who worked With Us

Topics I talk About

The Entrepreneurial “Mindset

Many people think that successful entrepreneurs are born with a certain set of skills or talents. But the truth is, anyone can become an entrepreneur if they have the right mindset.

I usually talk about the entrepreneurial mindset and how you can use it to create success in your life – no matter what field you’re in.

The FOCUS Method “Productivity

Do you feel like you’re working hard, but not getting anywhere? You’re not alone. Most people feel this way because they’re not focusing on what’s important to them.

The FOCUS Method is a simple, yet powerful way to get more done and be more productive by getting clear on your values and meaning, and aligning your business with them

The IdentityBrand Cycle “Branding

Learn the five essential elements you need to to create a powerful personal or company brand that inspires and attracts.

Creating a strong personal or company brand is one of the most important things you can do for your business. It helps customers understand what you’re all about and makes them want to stick around for more. Don’t wait any longer – start building your brand today


Discover five essential elements you need to create a successful marketing campaign and run your business like a well oiled machine.

Your company’s success depends on it!


is an engaging and captivating speaker who connects with audiences of all types. With a background in business and over a decade of experience in the speaking industry, he knows how to keep your guests entertained while imparting valuable knowledge. He has spoken in front of audiences ranging from 10 people to 1000 people, and his unique , authentic style is sure to engage and connect with your audience.

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